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Boots and Roses.

Boots and Roses.

Boots and Roses is a travel company that will take your boots beyond imagination and transform your self beyond recognition. They cater to the chic, the bold and the curious, seeking authenticity over price and experience over comfort. No two Boots and Roses travel experiences are alike, because each journey is especially hand-crafted to your interests and personal style.

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The Challenge.

When Cezarina came to us with the task and responsibility of helping her with the website for Boots and Roses we know that the main challenge for this project would be to showcase the customizability and uniqueness that each travel experience brings. Like they say, every trip is tailor made and no two trips are the same.

The Website.

One of the main points and focus around the website is the personal experience and personality of the people behind the brand that is Boots and Roses. With the help of big sections that highlight breathtaking photography we are able to help the user (at least at a minimum in=maginary level) to experience what an impact a trip like this can bring.


This website has a lot of features and cool transition and animations, this is also probably one of the reasons it also got a lot of nominations based on its design and user experience. However most of these bells and whistles are technically impossible to translate in a mobile experience. So we had to think of unique and smart ways of having the same impact and the same feel in both a desktop and mobile scenario. Currently if you first visit the site from a PC and then continue from a phone (or the other way around) you will have a seamless and put together transition.

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More Work.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki