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Subsign Website Cookie Policy

Last edit: May 2018.

1. Introduction

The current policy regarding cookie files applies to all users of . The informations presented have the purpose of informing the users of the website about the plasement , use and administration of all cookie files gathered by Subsign.

2. What are cookies?

We use the term “cookie” to refer to cookie modules and similar technologies, through which we collect in an automated fashion data.

An Internet cookie (also known as browser cookie, http cookie or cookie) represents a small file, made out of letters and numbers, that are stored on your device (computer, phone, etc).

Cookies are installed by solicitation from a web server to a browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari). Once installed, the cookies have a determined life span, staying passice, in the sens that they don’t contain software, viruses or spyware and will not access information from your hard drive.

A cookie consists of 2 parts: The name of the cookie and the content or value of it.

From a technical point of view, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again, but only when the user returns to the page or website.

3. What do we use cookies for

Cookies are used to better give the visitors of this website a better experience, and content tailored to their needs.

Based on feedback received via the cookies, Subsign can take measures so that the website is more efficient and easy to access by users.

4. What is the lifespan of a cookie?

The life cycle of a cookie can vary, it depends on the sole purpose it has. There the following types of cookies, based on their lifespan:

5. What are 3rd party cookies?

Certain sections of the website can offer information to 3rd parties, meaning that not to Subsign.

All 3rd party cookie operators must respect the same rules when it comes to the protection of information and confidentiality.

These cookies come from: Google Analytics and Facebook.

6. What Cookies we use:

When visiting this website the following cookies will be in use:

a. Internet performance tracking cookies

With this type of cookie we memorize the user preferences, so that when coming again to visit the website the loading speed and waiting time will be lowered.

b. User analysis cookies

These cookies let us know if a user had visited the website before. We use these cookies only for statistical purposes.

c. Geotargetting cookies

These cookies are used in order to pinpoint the country location of a visitor to the website. We use them so that we can deliver the content into the specific language that we require.

d. Marketing cookies

These cookies store the users information and interaction with the website.

We use these cookies in order to show you future promotions. We focus on the visual content and not the user, all information being anonymous.

7. How can you stop cookies, if you so desire.

The deactivation or refusal to receive cookie can make the use of this website more difficult, limiting certain functionalities.

Users can configure their browser to repel cookies or just to accept cookies from certain website.

All modern browsers offer the possibility to change the cookie settings. These settings can be accessed in the options or preferences section.

The refusal or deactivation of cookies, does not mean that you will not receive advertisements anymore - it will still show online ads, just not based on your preferences and interests, based on your online behaviour.

To better understand these setting please follow the links below:

For any information about how we use cookies on this website, please refer to

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